Saturday, September 4, 2010

Food Review-JW Marriott Ramadhan Buffet 2010

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you're talking about gaining body fat) this is the only Ramadhan buffet that i had for this year.I know at the time of writing this post we still have like one week before Hari Raya but i don't have any plan (or even fund :) ) to go to another ramadhan buffet. The reason is not a big eater. I truly believe that it would be a waste for someone like me to go to an "eat all you can" eateries or buffet simply because my stomach was not "designed" to accommodate all the abundance of foods offered. Regardless, eating is one of may passion-go figure!

Anyway, JW Marriott's Ramadhan Buffet themed as "Dari Dapur Nenda" offered more than 108 local dishes and some varieties of western grills and salad at an affordable price starting from RM 62 nett (seating at Starhill Convention Halls) up to RM 89++ for poolside seating at the 6th Floor.As i believe there are no differences on the foods offerings,rather the location, we chose the former. I went there with 2 of my office colleagues who were eager to sample the delicacies to be offered by JW Marriott's chefs and after hearing my good review of the last year's buffet at the same venue, they agreed without hesitation.

The buffet selections were spread across the walkways to the convention halls whereby some are placed on tables in the middle (drinks & desserts) while others were served from different stalls with clear marking of what is being offered at the said stall.

As we enter the reception area, we were greeted by the sides of grilled fishes (local style) and barbecued meats.I was quite disappointed that they didnt offer barbecue sauce  and their black pepper sauce was too watery...

Opposite the grilled selections you will find the salad bar and cold pastas...

Various types of stalls with varieties of offerings...

Tandoori and Nan, Roti Canai & Murtabak

Soups-mutton-oxtail-Chicken, served with selections of breads

and long-long stretch of various local dishes to be eaten with with rice/bryani or kerabu rice...each to your liking...

there were also satays, noodles, porridges chicken rice, rojak stalls to suit to different tastebuds.

As stated above, i had sampled the foods offered in last year's buffet and the one thing that i was eager to eat again was it's oxtail soup, thus, the first thing that i ate that night was the oxtail soup....

Unfortunately, the soup was too oily for my taste.I didnt recall it was as such last year.Maybe this year's ox was fatter thus producing more fat to the broth?Regardless, the meat was tender and each was proportionately cut, not too small as what you will usually get from local restaurants.

I had sample the grilled lamb as well..and as stated earlier, the black pepper sauce was too watery.The meat was quite tough as well. No second helping on this.

The saving grace of the night is these satays..they were so tender and juicy and nicely marinated.I can safely say that these are the best satays ive tasted to date...

Salad and cold pasta to tame down all the oiliness of the foods above

my friend's mix plate of foods...

my plate of plain rice and chinese styled dishes of black pepper beef, mix vegies and ginger chicken

all the above were washed down by this fiery red syrup drink

desserts were mainly small cuts of cakes, puddings, local kuih, cendol, abc and ice-cream.I settled for the bread pudding, which was truly good that i went for second helping, chocolate pudding-which was quite dry and small cuts of cakes of different tastes and varieties..

and to close off the night, a nice bowl of ABC

JW Marriott's offerings are best to cater to those who prefer to sample local dishes and may i say, "rice addicts" as majority of the foods offered were local dishes which were meant to be eaten with rice.All other non-rice selections were also consisted of local foods and snacks. In no way that im saying this in a negative manner as the hotel had made it clear that that's the theme that they have chosen to adopt.

Varieties in a class of food yes-there are many varieties of local foods that you can sample here. Varieties in terms of types of foods-not really as they dont really serve a mix of western or malay dishes proportionately.
Having said the above, this buffet  can still be considered as one of the most affordable one comparing it to other hotels around KL and if you have  cravings for local foods and delicacies, JW Marriott's "Dari Dapur Nenda" should be visited to satisfy your palate.

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