Friday, September 7, 2012

Food Review-La Chateau De Puah Restaurant

Firstly dont get confused with the name of this place-it is not located in France or even served French food, instead this restaurant, serving Western-Asian and (the exciting bit) Uzbekistan foods is located in the sub-urban area of Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. Those who are not familiar with this area might have a bit of diffculty finding this restaurant, at it is quietly tucked away in a village area, by the main road. Anyway, if you are coming from Jalan Pahang, turn left into Jalan Gombak heading to Batu Caves. When you passed the commercial area of Diamond Square, which will be on your right, take note of a Petronas gas station, which indicates that you have to slow down your car and observe the signboard for this restaurant on your left, where you may follow the said signboard to this location.

The menu

I ordered the Green Apple juice- and it was served in this preserved bottle kind of jug, this was trendy in local restaurants few years ago, but nowadays it looks just weird to have a drink from this kind of glass...i would personally prefer slim-juice glass. The taste of the juice was also had this bitter after taste-im not sure what cause/contributed to it though, maybe they used over-riped apple or what??

For the dish-im being quite adventurous and ordered the Bukhara Rice with Mixed Kebab.

This was quite a serving and a filling dish. What you'll get is a Bukhara Rice, served with sides of Chicken and lamb kebabs, salad, a soury chilli dip and a clear broth soup. Taste wise, it was delicious, with the rice being fluffy and fragrant, and not overly spiced such as Bryani rice. The kebabs strips were also nicely grilled and sufficiently spiced-this is important especially for the lamb, as i dont like any gamy taste of lamb-but this kebab passed that. The chilly-tomato dip was also an important and a nice addition-as it adds in more spice to this dish, you know we Asians love spicy foods.The soup is nothing to shout about though-but it helps you to moisten the overall dry ingredients of the foods.

We also ordered the Aglio Olio

 nice big serving of this pasta dish. You may choose the type of pasta that you like. Sufficient chunks of mushrooms were included in and the white sauce was perfectly seasoned-not too salty as i had always tasted previously.

Then there was also the Bakso

Although ive travelled so many times to Indonesia previously-ive never had this dish ever.Thus it was something refreshing to finally got to try this-in Malaysia. For me this is a kind of a comfort food-where you can truly enjoy during rainy days-and lazy days. The broth was light and mildly spiced as for this type of food you really have to eat it with few condiments-such as chopped chillies or soy sauce to give it more "kick". The meat balls were fresh though-the thing that i like with this dish.

What about some beef lasagna? We tried their version as well....

This one is slightly better than that of Pizza Hut's. Anyway i had better lasagna before.

Finally-if you dont like to have rice with kebabs-you may order another version of it-but served with pita breads.

This one i definitely going to give it a pass. Except for the kebabs-the other things on the plate were simply uninspiring, the breads were cold and not well grilled, the salad (if you can even call them as such) were just simply-cuts of tomatoes and capsicums. Order this if you are really not hungry!

This restaurant's best point, i believe, is its servings of Uzbekistan's foods, something which may not be part of your normal order. Thus i do recommend that if you visit this place to try the same, as for other food options, that we ordered, they were all just on the "ok" sides.cheers-kay2012