Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food Review: Fish Ball Noodle-Phuket Thailand

During my recent trip to Phuket, Thailand, i chanced upon this one restaurant serving delicious fishball noodle. Though i cant figure out the name of this eatery nor did i ask the owner, i believe it is Anwa Restaurant based on the placard placed on the counter. All other signages are in Thai, so forgive me for this little info that i can share of the restaurant. Nevertheless, it's not hard to find this restaurant as it's located around the vicinity of Nurul Islamiyyah Mosque-Patong. If you are coming from Phuket Town or airport, the mosque will be on your left while the restaurant itself will be on the right side of the road. Once you have passed the mosque, drive slow until you see a T junction with traffic light and the restaurant will be on your right immediately after the junction.The best part of it this restaurant open till late at night as we were there almost midnight and people were still coming in to eat even after we left.

The general view of the restaurant. Very spacious with many seating and most importantly very clean neat and tidy.

the menu

as you can see they served not only selections of noodles but also western food and snacks

I ordered the fishball noodle soup.You can choose the type of noodle that you want being yellow, rice noodle or kweytiaw. Price THB 60

The taste of fresh ingredients were prominent, as always in Thai dishes they only use fresh ingredients. The broth tasted of seafood based ingredients and has salty-sour taste to it, which complemented well with the fishballs and fish cakes. The noodle was topped with chopped peanuts and spring onions giving more texture to it. This was eaten with pickled chilli or other condiments provided in small bottles on your table. It tasted heavenly especially during cold rainy night, as it was when we were there.

We also ordered some minced chicken nuggets. Price THB 70. This was served piping hot. A little bit greasy but the dipping sauce accompanying it was aptly made from some tangy/sour orange or lemon juice with chillies, which cut through the oiliness

This restaurant also has wifi connection thus you can connect to internet while having your meal here. Dont forget to give this place a try if ever you are in Phuket. cheers-Kay2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Food Review-Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant-Gurney Drive-Penang

Penang is my favourite holiday destination in Malaysia due to its vibrant city with beautiful seaview and most importantly all those delicious local food that can be found in abundance all over the island. Surely all most visitors will flock Gurney Drive for their epicurean trail as there are many selections here from the streetfood at the hawker centre to many restaurants lining along the drive which offers amazing dining experience overlooking the open sea.

During the recent trip to Penang i managed to try one of the prominent restaurant in Gurney Drive serving fresh seafoods, Bali Hai. As our stay coincided with extended public holiday on Monday, the restaurant was packed to the brim to the extent that we had to park few metres away from the restaurant as the restaurant parking was full.

From my observation this restaurant may be targeting  families or large groups rather than couples as i couldn't find any table for two and thus we had to seat at a small round table which could accommodate 5 people.


They have vast selections of  seafood here and it can't be more fresher as they are all live seafood which will be taken out from the big aquarium once ordered

We ordered:

Kailan in Oyster Sauce

Butter Prawn

Sweet n Sour Seabass

Crab in Special Sauce

Honestly i think the foods here are quite ordinary/nothing outstanding in terms of taste but the freshness of the ingredients made up for the normalcy. The most preferred dish that night was the seabass, then the prawn, the kailan and last was the crab. We were disappointed that the crab, being the most expensive dish that night had a very tough and heavy shell though small in size. Thus we reckon that we were actually paying for the weight of the shells rather than the crab meat!

Our bill came out to RM 278 and for that price paid i had high expectation but it turned out that i can find the same taste in other seafood restaurants in KL. Highly unlikely that i will return to this restaurant but i believe this place will be a nice place to have family dinner or treating your friends or large group for seafood feast.

the crowded atmosphere

Lime infused water to wash your hands off any fishy odour