Monday, October 22, 2012

Stories of Mcdull and Mcmug....

I am not an "inspired" person...meaning that im not a fan of the notion of being "inspired" by "something" in doing "something"....

Having said that, i can live with the idea of being amazed by great ideas. Not to say that i will replicate those ideas in my doings, instead i acknowledge talents, in whatever forms they might be, possessed by people around me, and as per the recital of this entry-"amazed" by the same.

Let me share with you one amazing blog/webpage..a travelog by 2 lovely persons and their "kids"..and those kids are aptly named with the likes of "Snails", "Donut", "Pineapple" they are all soft toys!

Im utterly amazed by the eccentricity of the ideas of the writers in coming out with something different, by using soft toys as the main characters in their writings.

The kaleidoscope and mixture of fantasies brought about by the "kids" and the realities of the actual locations in this world used as the backdrops of their stories jived congruently as to give you actual feel of the experiences deemed to be portrayed, though represented to be experienced by these non-living and colourful "kids"

And the pictures? Those clear and crisp pictures, and meticulous setting of the poses, i can't just give enough credits to the's utterly brilliant!

Once in a while we came across things which amazed us..and this webpage/travelog of "the Mcdull and Mcmug kids" is one of them.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Romantic Dinner and Sunset........

After all these years, I am no longer a stranger to Bangkok, thanks to my dearest T. Each visit now feels more like coming home rather than a vacation. Nonetheless, each visit gave me new experiences and we came across new sights and ventured into new places.

The above was a beautiful sunset scene that i captured at a seaside restaurant in Bang Pu, around 1 hour outside of Bangkok. T never brought me here, as if ive known this place before, this would have been my favourite place in Bangkok!

There are few restaurants around the same area and i believe the price ranges are similar to one another. Here they served fresh seafood but the best part of this restaurant is the view.

Bang Pu is also famous for its seaside resort whereby there's a dedicated pier where people come to watch thousands of migratory birds, however this is seasonal from November to July only. Anyway, you can always take a leisurely stroll along the pier to have a stunning view of the Bangkok seaside area. And most importantly, dont forget to taste the seafood here! Cheers-Kay2012