Sunday, February 1, 2015

Food Review: San Sabai Seafood-Patong-Phuket

Just came back from a wonderful holiday in Phuket, which lately, has become one of my favourite holiday destination. I really love the sceneries and the island surroundings and wouldnt mind to stay here for weeks if i have the chance.Most importantly halal foods are in abundance throughout the island, due to its large number of Muslim population.

In the heart of Patong beach, we found a roadside seafood restaurant which serves halal seafood named San Sabai Seafood Restaurant. Without complicated and mind boggling directions, you can just head to Grand Mercure Patong and the restaurant is situated opposite the entrance of this hotel. You will find many roadsite eateries at this location and there's also another restaurant serving indian/arab food which is also a halal restaurant if you prefer.

They have large selections of fresh live seafood here and we didnt hesitate to order all our likings as we knew we couldnt get anything fresher than these. Fishes and crabs can be selected from the aquariums and the pricing will be based on its size.

We ordered:

Venus clams in spicy sauce

Blue crab in spicy sauce

Tom Yum Khung

Fried Asparagus in Oyster Sauce

Squid salad

Sweet & Sour Garoupa

As expected all the dishes were lip-smackingly delicious mainly contributed to the fresh seafood and ingredients used. The only downside is the Tom Yum which is not the best that ive ever tasted as it's more on the sweeter and creamy side, thus this can be dispensed with next time.

I highly recommend this restaurant as one of the best halal seafood option in Phuket due to its fresh seafood offerings, reasonable pricing, central location, quick service and the great taste of the foods, do give this restaurant a try whenever you visit Phuket-Cheers-Kay 2015