Sunday, December 14, 2014

Food Review-Chardin SeaView Seafood-Port Dickson

Apart from Klang or Kuala Selangor being the seafood mecca near to KL, one should not leave out Port Dickson which is just 1.5 hours drive away from KL (in good traffic).

One of the famous seafood restaurant in Port Dickson is Chardin Seaview Restaurant, offering halal seafood at affordable price and most importantly as the namesake, its seaview.

They offered vast array of seafood which can be cooked to your likings and all are as fresh as can be as most are live seafood which are being kept in the aquarium situated at the side of the entrance to the restaurant.

Being a crab lover we ordered Nipah Crab to be cooked in Chilly Sauce. Minimum order for crab is 2 crabs and we can testify that 2 crabs are sufficient to feed a family of 4 due to it being a meaty type of crab unlike the normal blue crab. One crab is priced at RM 38.

Then we also have Kangkung Belacan

Venus Clams in Spicy Sauce

Butter Prawn

 Sweet and Sour Seabass

the whole spread

It was a truly satisfying meal. The service was fast and most importantly all the dishes were deliciously cooked. I dont mind to drive to Port Dickson simply to eat at this restaurant next time.Kay2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Food Review-Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant-Sg Penchala

I am an avid seafood lover and it's no surprise that im always on the search for the best seafood restaurants in town and beyond. Recently i managed to try Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant, located in Sg Penchala is their new premise as it has moved from its previous location in Taman Tun.

This new location sits on top of a hill overlooking the greeneries of what is left of Sg Penchala amidst the heavy development around this area. Being here made me feel as if im somewhere out of KL and it's a good thing as being city dweller, all we wanted during the weekend is some peace and quiet.

the menu

The friendly owner or manager greeted us and took our order.After that the preliminaries were the serving of nuts and refreshing tissues

We ordered the Chilli Cockles.This was nicely cooked with apparent taste of soy sauce and fermented bean paste (taucu)

then the seafood tomyam. Not the usual thick broth found in Thailand but has similar taste

then the Butter Prawn. Fresh succulent and big prawns served here

The Kangkung Belacan. Love the fact that the belacan taste can be well tasted as in most places you didnt get the taste of belacan but only the smell.

finally the Sweet and Sour Garoupa (Kerapu). We ordered the smallest fish and it came out sufficient for the two of us. Nice balance of sweet and sour of the sauce as well.

For an establishment of this standard we found the price of the dishes affordable and with the taste and quality of the foods we'll definitely return to try other dishes in this restaurant. The only disappointing thing is that they dont serve crab here. Cheers-Kay2014

Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant
Lot. 2851, Jalan Seri Penchala,
Kg. Sg. Penchala,
Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: 12.00pm - 2.30pm and 6.30pm - 10.00pm

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Hotel Reviews & Travels

Most of my posts recently were of foods and may not be well consistent with my intended purpose of creating this blog to also review the hotels that ive stayed in and also my travel stories. Fret not as though i did not write anything on hotels in this blog, I have been actively sharing my reviews of hotels in TripAdvisor and my recent post can be found here:

You may find my other reviews as well if you check my profile. I hope to spend some time to actually share my reviews of hotels and travels in this stay tuned! Cheers-Kay2014

Food Review "Sabah Tea Garden Cafe-Ipoh"

Ipoh may not be well known as foodie paradise compared to Penang however recently I noticed that this town which ideally sit at the foothill of Kinta Valley has lots more to offer in terms of epicurean experiences. I have to admit that only recently that i became more familiar of the surrounding of the localities in Ipoh and its eateries however based on that I believe and knew that more people should visit this city for its historical places, peaceful atmosphere and of course its foods.

During my wander in Ipoh recently, I spotted a beautiful white colonial building which had been restored as a restaurant located in a small lane of Jalan Tun Sambathan Ipoh and I noticed the acronym "STG" on the vivid green awning adorning the sides of the building. I had no idea what "STG" stands for but  decided to check it out anyway as I was looking for some place to have coffees and dessert.

I opted for the alfresco dining area as it was not a humid day. Many patrons opted to sit inside the airconditioned main dining area. No doubt that this place had just been recently opened as all funitures and fittings looked brand new, even some touch up works were being done by the handyman while I was there.

The friendly waitress warmly greeted me and handed the large menu book to me, only at that moment that I knew "STG" stands for Sabah Tea Garden. I was informed that this is their second branch after the first in Taman Kinta, Ipoh.

The menu:

I ordered the Iced Cappuccino:

It was mildly sweetened, the way i like.

and Chocolate Lava Cake 

The presentation was awe inspiring. The cake was soft and has a nice thick chocolate filling, which though did not ooze out from the crust, complemented well to the off-bitter taste of the cake. The accompaniments of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce made it a wonderful desert all together.

I hope to taste their other dishes next time as this was a wonderful place to have a relaxing meal due to its quiet location and also friendly service.Cheers-Kay2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food Review: Fish Ball Noodle-Phuket Thailand

During my recent trip to Phuket, Thailand, i chanced upon this one restaurant serving delicious fishball noodle. Though i cant figure out the name of this eatery nor did i ask the owner, i believe it is Anwa Restaurant based on the placard placed on the counter. All other signages are in Thai, so forgive me for this little info that i can share of the restaurant. Nevertheless, it's not hard to find this restaurant as it's located around the vicinity of Nurul Islamiyyah Mosque-Patong. If you are coming from Phuket Town or airport, the mosque will be on your left while the restaurant itself will be on the right side of the road. Once you have passed the mosque, drive slow until you see a T junction with traffic light and the restaurant will be on your right immediately after the junction.The best part of it this restaurant open till late at night as we were there almost midnight and people were still coming in to eat even after we left.

The general view of the restaurant. Very spacious with many seating and most importantly very clean neat and tidy.

the menu

as you can see they served not only selections of noodles but also western food and snacks

I ordered the fishball noodle soup.You can choose the type of noodle that you want being yellow, rice noodle or kweytiaw. Price THB 60

The taste of fresh ingredients were prominent, as always in Thai dishes they only use fresh ingredients. The broth tasted of seafood based ingredients and has salty-sour taste to it, which complemented well with the fishballs and fish cakes. The noodle was topped with chopped peanuts and spring onions giving more texture to it. This was eaten with pickled chilli or other condiments provided in small bottles on your table. It tasted heavenly especially during cold rainy night, as it was when we were there.

We also ordered some minced chicken nuggets. Price THB 70. This was served piping hot. A little bit greasy but the dipping sauce accompanying it was aptly made from some tangy/sour orange or lemon juice with chillies, which cut through the oiliness

This restaurant also has wifi connection thus you can connect to internet while having your meal here. Dont forget to give this place a try if ever you are in Phuket. cheers-Kay2014