Friday, October 29, 2010

Hotel Review-Legacy Suites Bangkok "My Home Away From Home"

 "P E R F E C T"

How do we define "perfection"?

One thing might be a perfect thing for one person but might not be so for the other person. Humans are perfection-craved creature, we like to see beautiful things, people and we tend to see imperfections instead of the otherwise by having the said notion.Is it too much for me to say that Legacy Suites Bangkok is the "perfect" hotel, in every sense? Disagreements are forthcoming but still, i believe the aforesaid is true, at least as at now and until i find another which is "more perfect" than this, i will stand firm to my believe that the Legacy Suites Bangkok is my most perfect stay, than any other hotels ive ever stayed before, as at todate.Furthermore, i do believe that in terms of service and hospitality, "perfection" is something that you must achieve instead of something which comes outright naturally from the beginning...let me tell you why i think as such...

Legacy Suites is a small boutique-serviced apartment located in Sukhumvit Bangkok. It is managed under the CompassHospitality-a Hong Kong based hotelier and hospitality service provider with properties across the Asian region.What i like the most of this property is that you can feel the personalized service of its staff whereby they will greet you with smiles wherever you passed by and also the intimacy of the place which feels that you own all of the spaces available and it doesn't feel crowded at all thus for those lovers (or couples) you will feel undisturbed to have your own quite moment even at the lobby of the hotel..just make sure you dont get carried away :)

Beautiful insignia of our room

Ive stayed in this property twice and both of the times we stayed in Superior Studio room, which is spacious with 39sm of room space. Booking were made via their website at whereby there will always be ongoing offer for Superior Room stay at the rate of around THB 2039 per night-minimum 2 nights stay-and this comes with all the frills-wi-fi-breakfast buffet etc.

Looking at the entrance and the fully furnished kitchenette-rarely used the electric stove but always the microwave to heat my soy milk-T once used the stove to experiment his cooking skills-by boiling cockles..not a bad cook and the more reason to love him :)

Seating and dining area...

the bed-choice of king sized bed or twin beds...this time adequate pillows...i have pillow-fetish..dont ask why..

as you can see..each room comes with large LCD tv with various local and international channels

plenty of spaces....

bathroom is sparkling clean and spacious as well with separate shower and bathtub...i love the type of toilet bowl fitted here as they do not produce those loud and "violent" flushing was all silent and serene :) 
Full-stock of amenities are properly supplied and available in the bathroom..they come in cute bottles as well!

 each room is supplied with bathrobes-slippers-iron & ironing table-electronic safe-umbrella-emergency torchlight-dvd player..the list goes on and on....

 the only "lacking" part of this property i must say is it's breakfast buffet-choices are limited and the space is also limited as currently it doesnt have a dedicated coffee-house but instead have to use its small Japanese restaurant for people to have their breakfast. They are building another block to house more rooms and i was informed that there will be a more spacious and dedicated coffee-house in the future.

 general views of the property...

Legacy Suites is currently voted as the 26th best hotel out of 581 hotels in Bangkok  by Trip Advisor and it stands among the highly acclaimed hotels of bigger establishment..but at a more reasonable and affordable price.

it is apparent that the management backed by its staffs are working hand-in-hand to ensure their customers are satisfied with their service by taking into consideration and attending to the customers' views. My comment about the lack of internet accessibility and the food choices of their breakfast buffet was taken into consideration by the GM himself and on my 2nd stay, we were provided with free internet access at the lobby, compliment of the GM...i was utterly happy and grateful.

hoping that the new building and facilities will bring together better values and qualities and hope that the staffs will keep on smiling and maintain their hospitable charm for the years are my perfect stay and my home away from home...Kay

Rating out of 5: 4.5

Friday, October 22, 2010

Malaysia Airlines New Livery-Love & Hate Relationship

This is the brand new livery for Malaysian flag carrier on its brand new aircraft Boeing 737-800. Personally i don't like it. It's too simple and looks LCC-ish. Even AirAsia's livery is more attractive than this..see for yourself...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Flight Review-KLM Royal Dutch Airline KL 0809 Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta

........looking into a cup of pearly-bubbly ginger ale ..KL 0809

Without a doubt, in my personal opinion, the best option to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta-in safe-comfort-style and affordable is by the Dutch flag carrier, KLM Royal Dutch Airline. Not only its promo fares for this route would always be less than RM 400 for return flight, in terms of aircraft used (they fly Boeing 777-200/300ER for this route-continuation from Amsterdam) which is wide bodied providing you space and comfort with updated selections of inflight-entertainment system, inflight services such as refreshing towels before meals and nice selections of meals and beverages accompanied by spontaneous and friendly cabin crew, they are by far the best compared to other airlines flying the same route.Being a regular traveller with them on this route and being an Ivory member of its FlyingBlue frequent flyer program, this post and review has been a long overdued and a much deserved one.

Our plane for the day-the mighty strong Boeing 772ER christened as "Litomydd Castle". Having arrived from Amsterdam and being prepared for its final leg to Jakarta.

The flight was full to the brim. I was seated at the second last row of this plane. The legroom is spacious and the seats are comfortable. I wouldn't mine flying for 12 hours or more on this plane
boarding process in progress

each seat is equipped with small ptv with wide selections of movies-musics-games and other interactive programs. My choice of album for the day was Rihanna-Rated R..really love "Stupid In Love"...

we departed about 5 minutes after the estimated departure time. Once the seat-belt signs were switched off, the crews sprung into action by distributing the headsets (complimentary) and refreshing towels. Malaysia Airlines, being coveted as one of the 5-stars carrier will not provide you all of the aforesaid for flights of the same duration...go figure!

We were served late lunch (flight was at 4.15pm) which came in a tray with a very nice cover depicting Dutch heritage.

Our lunch with cover on

revealing the offering-fried rice with chicken satay-mango salad and local kueh

my drink selection-chill ginger ale...

after the meal, hot beverages-coffee or tea were this cute paper cup...can be a collector's item as well...

after a flight time of 1 hour and 35 minutes we finally landed at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

overall it was a "fun" flight.Note that i used the word "fun" as nowadays, though ive been a frequent flyer to various destinations, it's very hard to feel excited to fly as much as to reach the destination. With KLM, the inflight offerings and the service on-board seems to re-live that excitement. You wont find any young and beautiful stewardess but still the warmth and spontaneous acts of the cabin crew came to make up for what they are "lacking" physically. I hope to sample their long-haul flights in the future and hopefully it will be as exciting as the one ive been on.

Ratings (out of 5)
Equipment: 4
Cabin Crew: 3.5
Catering: 3