Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Food Review-Rumah Makan Garuda-Jakarta

Craving for nasi padang? what better place to have authentic and the best nasi padang than in Indonesia. Jakarta in particular, has so many eateries which specialize on this type of food and ranges from the roadside stalls to the high-end restaurants. Whenever in Jakarta, i will never miss to pay a visit to Rumah Makan Garuda, one of the famous nasi padang restaurant joints in Indonesia. I believe they have branches in various parts of Indonesia and is comparable to Sari Ratu, Sabang or Natrabu.

The branch that i frequented is the one located in Jalan Jaksa near Ibis Arcadia Hotel, opposite the Spanish embassy.Anyway, any bajai or taxi driver would know this place by heart so it's not hard to reach this place.

 this restaurant is fully air-conditioned and it is open 24-hours.Waiter and waitresses are nicely clad in batik uniforms. There are many varieties of foods offered and typically they will serve small portion of each dish on your table and will charge you based on which dish that you have chosen to eat.However ala-carte menu is also available.

lets see what i had at this restaurant:

Beef Rendang

i simply love this rendang.the meat is tender and succulent and the gravy is a nice blend of herbs and spices.this is basically the "watery" version as they also offer a "dry" rendang for those who prefer the same.

Daging Dendeng Sambal Hijau

the meat is quite tough but still edible.the sambal is quite salty..anyway still delicious

Masak Lemak Pucuk Ubi

the pucuk had been lightly smashed and it simply thicken the coconut gravy. Nice and creamy with light saltiness.

Deep Fried Tiger Prawn

the prawns are big and crispy

other dishes offered but not eaten:

fruit platter was offered at the end of the meal..take note it's not complimentary!

food counter
nice and clean ambiance

i had a very fulfilling and delightful lunch at Garuda and despite the price of the bill came out to be on the higher side, it's worth the price of the food and services offered here.definitely will come back in the future.

Rating out of 5: 3.5

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