Saturday, March 8, 2014

Food Review: Chaiwalla & Co Container Cafe

Lets forget about Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves and consider new options in indulging our cravings not only for gourmet coffee but also for milk and bubble teas-enter Chaiwalla & Co Container Cafe. This coffee joint is 100% local Malaysian establishment and operated in a novel concept whereby their coffee stands (mostly) are made up of refurbished cargo containers. But i noted one of their stall in City Square JB is operated in the normal enclave of the food court built up and not in container, albeit theirs is at a corner and stood up from the rest for their distinctive black and white art deco design.

One think that i love about Chaiwalla is that you can choose the level of sweetness in your drinks and this would be good for most of us who are more health concious nowadays, as for me its more of a matter of taste, i dont like the sweetness dilute the original taste of the ingredients.

As at today, ive visited their City Square store and one in the Curve Damansara and i can safely say that im satisfied with their offerings and friendly service and not to forget affordable price. I havent got the chance to taste much but only their passion fruit smoothie which is to die for. Apart from drinks i saw that they also serve desserts and pastries but not sure if they prepared those themselves or purchased from third parties. Anyway do expand you culinary experience and do support our local products, especially one with novel and creative concept and good products and services such as Chaiwalla & Co-cheers-Kay2014

*Chaiwalla at the Curve Damansara is located at Lot K-G16-W, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara between the exit of the Curve and the entrance of Tesco.