Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Halal Foods In Bangkok

Bangkok is truly a food heaven and you can find food practically anywhere in this " City of Angel". Ive ventured wide enough of this wonderful city and sometimes even off-the beaten track to find there are more hidden or not well known places serving halal foods around the city. Some are even right next to your place of accommodation but we may missed them along our way, and thus need highlighting for which Im doing it in this post, featuring more halal eateries for you to visit the next time you are in the vibrant city of Bangkok.

i) Nadia Halal Food

Location: Sathorn-Suan Plu Soi 6 (adjacent to Marriott, Sommerset & I Residence Hotel)
Serving: Local Thai Cuisines and also murtabak
Price Range: Around THB 40 per dish

This restaurant was spotted by chance as we drove along the Suan Plu Soi 6 on our way to our usual eating place. The "Halal" sign was largely and clearly displayed at the door and the reason why it could easily be seen. The restaurant is small with only 5 tables inside and one or 2 makeshift plastic tables outside, however it is airconditioned and very clean. Do note that it can be very crowded during weekdays lunch hour with university students having their lunch here as the restaurant is located adjacent to nearby aviation university.

No complaint on the foods as the ones that we tasted were fresh and tasty and could even give a run for money to other higher priced restaurants.



we ordered:

Seafood Padkaprao

Tom Yam Koong

Blackpepper Beef

The entrance

ii) Khrua Muslim Kap Ton Mai' @ Muslim Kitchen

Location: Rankhamhaeng Soi 142
Serving: Steamboat Buffet
Price Range: Around THB 149 per person

This place may be well out of your way as it is situated in the outskirt vicinity of Rankamhaeng. Needless to note, Rankamhaeng area is one of the most populated are by Muslims in Bangkok whereby you can easily find many mosques, halal restaurants and food stalls and shops run by Muslims around this area. I highly recommend for you to at least have a visit and walkaround this area to see how the local Muslims live their daily life here

On this eatery, it serves only steamboat buffet and readily cooked side dishes such as fried noodles, fried rice, spaghetti,macaroni, local dishes to be eaten with plain rice, salads and even somtam. Not to forget, they served varieties of desserts options.You need to come here with an empty stomach to really enjoy each and every dish served here and also to try every ingredient made available for your steamboat buffet.

I love the vast selections offered for the steamboat especially that they do offered squid and mushrooms in addition to the usual meat and chicken. Further, the eating area is divided into indoor and outdoor area whereby the outdoor eating area is set in a garden like setting giving a touch of difference to your eating experience.

iii) Halal Beef Noodle/Chicken Rice/Satay/Murtabak 

Location: Rama 9 roadside (enroute to Suvarnabhumi airport)
Serving: Beef noodle, chicken rice, satays, murtabak, roasted chicken
Price Range: Around THB 50 per dish

This is my favourite place to stop and have a hearthy bowl of delicious and piping hot beef noodle on my way to the airport. I cant say enough of how delicious the noodle is and one needs to really try them to agree. The beef broth served here is so flavourful and the generous chunks of sliced beef and meatballs really make the noodle a complete meal to be craving for. The noodle is garnished with fresh cuts of spring onion and cilantro and you have to eat this with splash of preserved chilli and the dried chilli powder for that extra kick or additional fish sauce or sugar served together with this noodle.

The chicken rice is served in a rather large portion and delicious too. Ive tasted the satays as well but they were too sweet for my liking though.