Sunday, December 14, 2014

Food Review-Chardin SeaView Seafood-Port Dickson

Apart from Klang or Kuala Selangor being the seafood mecca near to KL, one should not leave out Port Dickson which is just 1.5 hours drive away from KL (in good traffic).

One of the famous seafood restaurant in Port Dickson is Chardin Seaview Restaurant, offering halal seafood at affordable price and most importantly as the namesake, its seaview.

They offered vast array of seafood which can be cooked to your likings and all are as fresh as can be as most are live seafood which are being kept in the aquarium situated at the side of the entrance to the restaurant.

Being a crab lover we ordered Nipah Crab to be cooked in Chilly Sauce. Minimum order for crab is 2 crabs and we can testify that 2 crabs are sufficient to feed a family of 4 due to it being a meaty type of crab unlike the normal blue crab. One crab is priced at RM 38.

Then we also have Kangkung Belacan

Venus Clams in Spicy Sauce

Butter Prawn

 Sweet and Sour Seabass

the whole spread

It was a truly satisfying meal. The service was fast and most importantly all the dishes were deliciously cooked. I dont mind to drive to Port Dickson simply to eat at this restaurant next time.Kay2014