Sunday, April 7, 2013

Of A Food Court and A Roadside Restaurant

During my recent visit to my second home-Bangkok, i had the chance to eat at 2 new eateries, one being the FoodLoft, situated inside the Central Bangna Shopping Mall and another one is a small roadside halal restaurant located at Rajtavee.

Foodloft located at the 5th level of this shopping mall, represents itself as "trendy and upscale international dining concept" and true to that motto, the foods served here comprised of not only local foods but also international selections such as Vietnamese, Indian, Western-to name a few.

The price of the foods do reflected the "upscale" idea of this eatery, however anything priced at THB100 per meal can be considered relatively expensive in Thailand whereby you can find cheap streetfoods around you. 

I ordered the Tom Yam Kung and it was served in a large bowl which can be shared by two people. Thus, i may add that this is also value for money. Another interesting note for this version of Tom Yam Kung is that the broth was thick and i noted that that was due to the mixture of blended prawn as the broth base. While not the best tom yam ive had, it still ranks as one of the memorable one and the thick broth did give a different twist to the normal tomyam easily and usually found in Thailand.

I also ordered the pineapple fried rice-which was nicely presented and served in half cut pineapple. This too can be shared by two people. So come to think of it-eating here is not really expensive when you can share the foods.

The next day-we came across this small halal roadside restaurant located at Rajthavee area. The landmark is Bangkok City hotel on the opposite side and ACT tyre and service centre-whereby this eatery is located near its entrance.

This restaurant has an indoor and airconditioned eating area-however we chose to eat alfresco. We ordered Tom Yam Kung

As you can see-this was the oiliest tom yam ive ever had. However taste wise it was okay and the prawns were really fresh.

Chicken Padkrapao

This is my boyfriend's favourite dish-similar to padprik in Malaysia with the exception of the abundance of basil leaves used in this dish, characterizing it as it is.

And the wonderful fresh vegetables in the form of Mixed Veggies. This dish was too salty for my liking, however the crispiness of the broccoli, maze and carrots used in it properly offset the aforesaid, and as eaten with plain rice, made it a nice complement to the same.

The restaurant view