Saturday, June 27, 2015

Food Review: Jeerapan Halal Food and Halal Seafood & Garden Restaurant-Bangkok-Thailand

Jeerapan Halal Food

I believe this eatery had just been opened recently and it houses large open space eating area in the middle and also a small enclosed airconditioned area. Not sure if they are related, but there's also a small lovely coffee shop adjoining this restaurant.

It offers mainly for brunch/lunch and the type of foods are all which are ready made to be served such as yellow chicken rice, soups, noodles etc.

This restaurant is located by the left roadside of Rama 9 road, if you are coming from Bangkok it will be before The Nine shopping mall.

I ordered the oxtail soup. This was truly delicious with the tender and succulent oxtail and the broth was extra spicy-the way i like it.

And also the best seller here-i believe, the yellow chicken rice. The rice was fragrant-soft and fluffy and the chicken was tender. I believe the chicken had been cooked together with the rice ala bryani rice. The dipping sauce accompanying the rice had just the right balance of sweet, sour and spicy which made it best to be eaten with the rather bland chicken.

Overall it was a satisfying meal that i had here and i will definitely come back to try more dishes on offer here. It has become another addition to my halal eateries list of Bangkok for lunch.

Halal Seafood & Garden Restaurant

Based on pure coincidence that i spotted this restaurant. Having had lunch at Jeerapan, and drove thru passed the Nine Mall and exiting at the first exit to the left i saw this restaurant..and later had dinner there.

This is definitely a more upscale eatery...with prices of dishes mostly ranging from THB200 to THB 300 each. Nonetheless, it is good to know that people now have more choices in halal eateries in Bangkok and dining here you can be assured of ample parking space, high quality ingredients, comfortable seatings and peaceful ambiance.

They have extensive menu here it it took sometime to decide on my order

I ordered the Ice Blended Watermelon Juice

Black Pepper Garoupa

Sweet & Sour Garoupa

Prawn Tom Yam
 The overall spread

As expected, all the ingredients used were fresh and all the dishes were tasted delicious. Portion wise i believe it was only good for two person to share and personally i prefer my fish to be served whole rather than being filleted. I also prefer tom yam in red broth than the clear broth however i believe they have the option for this and you just need to indicate your preference when ordering.

This place is definitely a good place to have family dinner or having quiet meal with your loved ones as it is located in a residential area and by the less busy roadside.