Saturday, May 3, 2014

Food Review-Hai Nan Town Restaurant-Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown Penang

Nice ambience, nice food, beautiful view, these three notions can well describe the dining experience at this restaurant.

Located at the hot spot of Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown, Penang, right next to the ferry terminal, you could not miss the beautiful colonial styled building which house this restaurant. There are plenty of parking spaces here with nominal parking rate of RM 3 per entry.

The long corridor leading to the restaurant, from the main entrance

There are outdoor dining area with splendid view of the strait and the port and also indoor airconditioned area...but it would be a pity not to sit outdoor and enjoy the view and the fresh sea breeze while enjoying your food.

This restaurant mainly serves nyonya-malay-hainanese cuisine and all are moderately priced. The list of dishes are well presented in full-coloured-pictorial menu to ease the diners in choosing the dishes.

I decided to order Ice Lemon Tea, which has just the right combination of sweet and sourness in it.

For starter, i ordered the Lobak Ayam, whereby chunks of chicken are wrapped in bean curd sticks and deep fried. This dish is lightly spiced and i could taste hints of onions in it, which gives a nice sweetness to counter the salty and oily feel of the dish.

For the main dishes, to be eaten with white rice, i ordered Hainanese Styled Fried Chicken.The chicken are cooked through without burning the spice rub marinate, and the spices used gave subtle aroma and taste to the chicken. Instead of serving this with the normal chilli sauce, a sweet and sour sauce is used as condiment to this dish, which i assumed is a plum sauce. It was a perfect combination as the sourness of the sauce cut through the oily taste of the chicken.

For some greens, i ordered the mix veggies. This is similar to other mix veggies in other restaurant but the addition of fresh prawns really give this dish an extra seafood taste to the gravy.

The piece de resistance here is the Nyonya Styled Assam Pedas. You have to order this if you visit this restaurant as it is truly a delectable dish, with fresh and large chunks of stingray pieces used in it, pineapple pieces giving it distinctive sweet taste and the sprinkle of fresh chopped ginger bud and mint, one of the best assam pedas ive ever tasted.

I cant wait to try other dishes offered here in my next trip to Penang. I am thoroughly satisfied with my visit to this restaurant due to its wonderful setting, beautiful ambience and view, friendly and fast service, affordable price and most importantly fresh and delicious foods. Surely this will be my go-to place in Penang.