Saturday, January 10, 2015

Off the beaten path-Sunflower Farm-Saraburi-Thailand

Ive been to Thailand countless of times but i'll always find some new places of interest in this Land of Smiles and the recent one being the sunflower farm in Saraburi. It was by chance that i read certain trip report on other travel blogs about this wonderful seasonal scene which is available during the cool season of November to January. As i was there during the Christmas holiday, i didnt miss the chance to include a visit to the sunflower farm in my itinerary.

Saraburi is located about 140km from Bangkok, roughly 2 hours travel time by car. Apart from the sunflower farm, it's a very quiet local town with not much things happening and from my observation they are leveraging on its location as a transit town near to the border of Laos and beautiful mountainous landscape as potential tourist attractions. 

There are many sunflower farms scattered across Saraburi and it varies in sizes. We happened to be there just roughly an hour before its closing time around 6pm. Entrance fee of THB 10 was charged per person.

entering Saraburi town

Thousands of bright yellow flowers greeted us upon our arrival at the farm, unfortunately the flowers had started to protrude downwards due to setting sun....preferable to come in the morning

The farm had been equipped with cute ornaments such as giant sunflower replica, scarecrow and mini windmill

You can buy some local produces such as sunflower seeds and honey at affordable prices here. It was a very beautiful and romantic place to spend the day with your family and loved ones and i hope to return in the future and spend more time here,especially when the sunflowers are in full bloom and erect. Cheers-Kay2015

Food Review: Pappa Mia-Terminal 1 Changi Airport-Singapore

I closed the year 2014 with a trip to Singapore on the New Year's Eve, and what a blast it was celebrating the new year and watching magnificent fireworks display at the Marina Bay Sands. The only qualm that i have, and also as a reminder to me in the future is try to be near as possible to the MRT Station and to watch the fireworks from there as it was quiet a chaotic scene once thousands of spectators dispersed the countdown area at the same time and the police had set up barricades to block the way and channelling the traffic into few confined was an utter hell being stucked for hours and crammed with each other just to get to the MRT stations!

Anyway, lets talk about food. In Singapore there are limitless culinary options and not a problem to find halal eateries across the island and also in its main airport, Changi. One of the halal restaurant that you can try is Pappa Mia, located in Terminal 1, Departure level. From the selections of delicacies served here, i can say that this restaurant is intended to be "kopitiam like" with selections of mainly local and fusion dishes. The prices are friendly to your wallet as well.

Lets look at the menu, it's quiet extensive thus can suit to every tastebuds.

What i ordered:

Calamansi Juice-very refreshing, with nice blend of tangy-soury-sweet taste

Beef Brisket Noodle-large chunks of briskets which fell of the bone tender. Love the fact that they managed to balance the saltiness of this dish as i despised overly pouring salty taste usually apparent in dishes with soy sauce. You can choose the type of noodle as well.

The staffs were all friendly and readily available to serve you, as always with the general populations of Singapore, their services are generally top notch! With affordable pricing, friendly service, comfortable seating and tasty dishes, this restaurant is a must try halal restaurant whenever you chance to be in Changi Airport. Cheers-Kay2015