Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Colonnial Styled Hotel In the Heart of Bangkok-Salil Hotel Sukhumvit Thonglor

Another trip to my 2nd hometown means another new place ventured with my love T. This time around we spent our weekends together in a very beautifully designed hotel located in the quiet area of Sukhumvit Soi Thonglor 1, the Salil Hotel. There's another Salil Hotel which is located in Sukhumvit Soi 8.

The first thing that made me (yes T as well) fell in love with this hotel is the design of the hotel's building which replicated the designs of English houses but wonderfully painted with colourful hues of Mediterranean styled pastels tone and tilings.The same theme is also applied to the design of its rooms whereby the room, though small in size, is wonderfully painted with vibrant colours and styled  to give the feeling at home to the guests. We both dream to have the same kind of bedroom in our houses.

Currently the hotel consists of 2 separate buildings whereby our room is located in the building named "Granada".The reception area is located in the pink coloured building named "Saville".

Views of the beautiful buildings..................

Views of the room, there's also a small balcony, wonderful! And the bed is sooo comfortable and the best part of it, 2 fluffy pillows each and one small cushion, i love having many pillows on my bed.

32 inch LCD TV, sorry for the messy table shot, T is a messy boy :)

Door to the balcony...........

and the view outside of the balcony, the hotel was beautifully lit up  giving it a resort feel, down below is the Cafe de Salil where we had our daily breakfast. Breakfast offerings are quite minimal but you do get your usual cereals, toast juices as well as local dishes.

The location of this hotel may be quite secluded from the nightspots of Bangkok, however if you are like me, who loves to have some peace and quite but at the same time not being too far out from the  heart of the actions, you'll definitely love this hotel, and i say it again i do love this hotel and will definitely come back.

The staffs are generally friendly and there's also free internet stations at the reception are. If you love to feel at home while you are away, i truly believe this hotel will suit your needs. This is a 4 stars boutique hotel and quite affordable as the rate per night would only be below THB 2000, if you search for room deals on the net. Kay2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Halal Steamboat & BBQ in Bangkok-Sinthorn Steakhouse

Another trip to Bangkok and another new eating place found, a halal one of course. Only during my recent trips to Bangkok that i realized that there's one halal stall in Siam Paragon food court, serving street foods such as chicken noodles and chicken rice which is certified halal. All these while me and T would walk from Siam Paragon to MBK to eat at the Yana's Muslim Restaurant, located at the 5th floor of MBK. Thus in short, its not really difficult to find halal foods in Bangkok, they are literally all around you.

Anyway this post is about halal steamboat and barbeque restaurant called the Sinthorn Steakhouse. It's located quite on the outskirt area of Bangkok,in Rankamhaeng area, around 30 minutes taxi ride. As T was always ranting about how he loves MK restaurant (a non-halal steamboat joints) and how good the food was, i told him that we should try this restaurant which not only serves steamboat buffet at a very cheap price (around THB 139 for locals maybe around THB 190 for foreigners, not sure as we paid local price..hehe) but importantly it's halal so that i can enjoy it as well. 

For the note, and by its name, it also serves Western food, in particular steaks. But the buffet area is on the external ground of the premise while the steakhouse perse is in the airconditioned, western styled building.When we arrived there around 8pm the place was already swarmed by hungry eaters, mostly came in group. The buffet starts at 5pm till 11pm. In here also you can see many local Muslim people mingled with each other and spend their time with their family eating and shopping as there are small shops selling muslims clothings, halal foods and other merchandise in the same premise of the restaurant.

Enough for the wordings, ill let the pictures do the talking. Unfortunately taking photos of the buffet assemble is prohibited, so i just took photos of the restaurant's build up areas and the foods that we took onto our table for wonderful time of grilling and boiling. Besides the uncooked items which are meant to be grilled and boiled, they also served varieties of cooked dishes such as noodles and rice, soups and also desserts and ice cream to be eaten to your heart content. Only thing to note is that the buffet is not inclusive of drinks except the plain water which is offered free flow. Just be sure not to waste anything as there'll be penalty charged on any foods wasted and not consumed. Do visit its website below for the detailed address and happy eating! Kay-2012

Delicious mixed rice, i love the crispy wonton.

All the fresh ingredients for our steamboat and grill rendezvous.

chicken skin is used to give the grill some grease

the jovial (and fully satiated) crowds
you can do your shopping here as well as there's a line of small shops selling clothing and everyday goods