Saturday, November 3, 2012

Terminal 21 Bangkok....

This is my new find in Bangkok-in terms of new shopping and eating place that is, Terminal 21 Mall, in Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

This shopping place is different from others as it features a novel concept of a shopping mall built in an airport themed environment-hence the name Terminal 21.

the multi levels view with airport like signboards on each floor

Each level is also designated with different name of the world famous city and yo large airport-like signboards will welcome you as you arrived from the escalator at each floor. Here you will arrive at Istanbul-Level 3 or San Francisco-Level 4 etc...i love this concept and idea-so creative!

And to ensure the continuity of the concept, each level has been designed to mimic the design of the relevant cities such as bazaar liked design at Level 3-Istanbul.

There's a cineplex at the top level of this mall and this area was also aptly decorated and designed to reflect the cinema inspired theme, complete with a big Oscar statue!

There's a food court located at 5th floor called Pier 21 and surprisingly the foods are dirt cheap here! You can have a dish for merely THB 30 and the price ranges around THB 20 to THB 100 only...that's a bargain i would say for this kind of place. Had a very delicious mango sticky rice dessert here as wonderful to see that they sprinkled those sesame seeds as it surely enhanced and add up more flavour to this delicious dessert. Note as well there's a single stall selling halal food here. Anyway-apart from the food court, there are many other eateries which may suit your palate in this mall.

you will also find a replica of Golden Gate here....

a wonderful lighthouse inside a shopping mall

I believe there's nowhere else that you will find more modern toilet bowl installed anywhere as here they have this modern mechanical toilet bowl complete with push buttons for different modes of water dispenser. I hope this will not be vandalized though as it will definitely cost fortune to repair or replace them!

So if you are already too familiar with the usual shopping spots in Bangkok, do "check-in" and take a "flight" to Terminal 21 for a new shopping experience.Kay2012.