Saturday, June 14, 2014

L.K Maju Restaurant Singapore-Cheap, Simple, Delicious

Finding cheap and good food in Singapore can be daunting, it being one of the city with the highest cost of living in the world. Fortunately, there are still few places in Singapore where you can have tasty and cheap food with many varieties to suit your palate and one of it is in Little India.

During my recent visit to this island nation, i was craving for some spicy dishes, closer to what i used to have back in Malaysia, or suffice to say im looking for Malaysian food, after stuffing myself with so many briyanis and western styled dishes found in abundance around Singapore and nicely tucked away in a corner 1 block opposite Mustafa Centre is this LK Maju Restaurant.

It's actually more of a mamak restaurant similar to what we have in Malaysia but it also serves Malay and Thai dishes, just what i was looking for at that time. And the best parts of all, the restaurant is clean and the price is affordable (or cheap if you stop playing with converting the amount to RM)

They have extensive list of dishes here:

I was quite overwhelmed to see so many choices of dishes that they have and it's so hard to choose which one to order as by looking at the pictures in the menu, they all look tempting!

However, as i was there looking for breakfast, i decided to order something which is not too heavy which was the Seafood Fried Noodle.

This is almost like your normal Mamak fried noodle but the condiments used are those of Chinese/Thai influence such as light soy sauce, hints of fish sauce, lime and lots of garlics.

They have added in cuts of cuttlefish and prawns and i could taste the freshness of the seafood and with large portion of the noodle served on this plate, it was definitely a filling breakfast which would keep you full till lunch.

Dont forget to give this restaurant a try whenever you are in Singapore, especially after a tiring shopping trip in Mustafa Centre and you need something cheap, quick and delicious. Kay2014