Friday, August 20, 2010

Hotel Review-Admiral Premier Bangkok

I've been hotel-hopping in Bangkok for the last 1 year and have stayed in numerous hotels therein..ranging from the cheap back-alley small hotel that would only cost THB 800(the one which offers short term room-if you know what i mean ;) ) the upper-range establishment such as Holiday Inn and Tawana.Comparing each one to the other is not an easy task i would say as many factors will need to be taken into consideration such as location, price, facilities, and the services and attentiveness of the staffs of the hotel.

However, recently ive came across (from my numerous researches and readings on the web) that Bangkok offers another type of accommodation than those normal hotels (where you will only get the bed, bath & breakfast) and this type of accommodation caters to (as i believe) for long-staying traveler as each room will have its own  fully equipped kitchen and (some) might even have washing machine for you to do your daily laundry.A service apartment you would say?Yes indeed, now im a convert to these types of accommodations as they come in plenty in Bangkok and affordably prized as well.

One thing to note is that these kind of hotels offer good value for money as from my previous visits, daily room charge would be around THB 2000++ only for you to enjoy spacious room (which normally sized at least 40 sqm), with LCD TV, free wifi, spacious bathroom, complimentary tuk-tuk service to BTS station and a much more personalized service as these hotels, normally, are not big in size and the rooms are limited to mainly less than 100 rooms.

Admiral Premier, located at Soi 23, Sukhumvit is an example of a service apartment/hotel with extra facility that Bangkok has to offer.Currently rated at number 61 out of 575 hotels in Bangkok in TripAdvisor, this 4 stars hotel had received mixed reviews from travelers all over and this time im going to provide my review on the same.

Booking for my 3 days 2 nights stay was done via Agoda I arrived in this hotel around midnight (as T was having some difficulty finding the correct location of this hotel). Was warmly greeted by the reception and was personally shown to our room. Reception area looks cozy and nicely decorated,though not really well lit.Or maybe it was due to the black-coloured tiling?However the black-tiling did provide a very good contrast to other gold coloured accessories of the reception area, making them stand out.This black tiling continues up to the lobby-lift area.

We stayed at the 4th floor. First impression upon walking inside, the room was quite gloomy and dark, maybe due to dark-coloured upholstery chosen for its bedding and furniture. Room size was okay but it did feel quite cramped inside due to the bed-side cupboard which was ceiling-high.Room comes equipped with king sized bed (which was lacking of pillows) 42inch LCD tv, Wi-Fi and fully furnished kitchen area.

the bed after partly destroyed by T...then i shooed him away..hehe..can you imagine only 2 pillows available on this massive bed, later that night i had to take the cushions from the sofa to support my neck and sleep properly...

overlooking the LCD TV and work area...

the giant cupboard...a total mischief to the room

the poorly lit seating area..though the sofa looks nice..nobody wants to sit in a gloomy and dark area right??

continue to the bathroom, it was medially sized and amenities offered are also of medium standard..very simple packaging and didnt entice me to take them home

 walking out of the bathroom and you will find the kitchen area. You can find a medium sized fridge, electric stove, microwave oven, sink and all the eating cutlery are available inside the cupboard.

our stay comes with complimentary breakfast that we had at the lobby cafe. Selections were quite limited and the staffs were non-smiling. I settled for vegetarian dishes and normal breakfast in Bangkok...

after breakfast we decided to check-out the roof top pool of this hotel. I think this is the best feature of this hotel as you can see the Bangkok skyline from here. The view at night would be more beautiful.A small gym is also located at the top floor by the pool side.

the stay in Admiral Premier had been one which i would categorize as normal-or medium, nothing to shout about and it just simply served as a place for you to stay in during your holiday, though i didnt really wanna spend my day in the room for the whole day...

Having said the above, it is not a place where you'll have the feeling of "not wanting to leave the room" but actually it's the opposite as i did feel claustrophobic inside the room and the bed was not comfortable at all due to the lack of pillows-other hotels of similar category would normally provide 4 pillows for king sized bed.

Returning to this hotel-i honestly don't foresee that...cheers-Kay

Rating out of 5: 1.5

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