Saturday, January 18, 2014

Food Review-Sunday Buffet Lunch-Al-Amar Lebanese Restaurant, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Located at the 6th Floor of Pavillion Mall Kuala Lumpur, this restaurant offers wide arrays of authentic Lebanese dishes. From its website it's noted that this restaurant had also won many awards, accolades and favourable reviews from many parties including in the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival 2012.

I had the chance to taste the foods offered here during my recent visit for the Sunday buffet lunch, priced at RM78++ per person.

The food offerings:

If you are a fan of middle-eastern, Mediterranean dish, you wont be disappointed here as you will find many selections of such dishes being served here from the typical humus, kebabs, bryani and varieties of baklava as part of the dessert selection.

 deep fried fish

 some sort of chicken stew with kidney beans

 roasted beef


 spaghetti with beef strips

 tuna penne and selections of beef filled pastries

 fresh salads

 rice with fried fish

 mutton korma

mutton bryani

dessert selections with moist chocolate cakes and the chocolate tart being my favourites

First course:

Second course: the quiche was one of the best dish IMHO

Dessert selections

and finally closed it all with a nice hot cup of cappuccino

The ambiance:

Overall im satisfied with the food offerings, ambiance and the taste of the foods served here and believe the buffet lunch is reasonably priced taking into consideration the good quality of foods. For me the highlight of the day was the tantalizing desserts being the moist and wonderfully presented cakes and pastries, if not for my full stomach i would go for seconds. The main dishes were generally dominated with meat-based dishes and unless you have a craving for such things, will make you feel your blood pressure shoot up to your head after few plates of the same.

During my visit the restaurant was not crowded, making it a calm and comfortable dining experience if you are dining with your families and special ones. The staffs were attentive without being overly friendly and intrusive.

The only suggestion that i have is for the dishes to be clearly labelled and this could have been done by using hand written paper cut-out, to enable the guest to know the ingredients of each dish and accordingly easing the foods selections.Kay2014

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