Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flight Review-Thai Lion Air KUL-DMK

I was so delighted to know that the Thai subsidiary of Lior Air Group, Thai Lion Air has launched its daily flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok-DMK  (Don Mueang airport) in December 2013, as part of its preliminary international destination in addition to Jakarta, Indonesia. Domestically, they have introduced daily flight to Chieng Mai  from their base in DMK as well.

One pet peeve that i have when it comes to LCC is that, it must be cheap (or relatively cheaper) than a full service carrier which i honestly feel AirAsia failed miserably on this element as their fares are ridiculously high all the time-as far as my experience can tell. That's the reason why i always avoid them at all cost. However, im glad to state that Thai Lion Air delivers it promise "to offer the lowest fares around" as ive got myself a one-way ticket from KUL to DMK at a steal for roughly RM 117 and this fare include free baggage allowance of 15 kg. So if we were to make some comparison with AirAsia, these are the plus points of flying Thai Lion Air:

i) Cheaper fare
ii) Free baggage allowance of 15 kg
iii) fying out of KLIA instead of the current factory like LCCT
iv) arriving at city-centre airport of Don Mueng in Bangkok

Currently they are only offering once daily flight with the outbound from KUL at 7.55 am and outbound from DMK at 11.55pm. The outbound from KUL is convenient for me however the outbound from DMK may cause hassle as you'll arrive pass midnite at KLIA with the possibility of having no transportation to your home.

The factory fresh Boeing 737-900ER at its gate

boarding commences


many mainland chinese tourist on this plane and i was surrounded by them in my original seat, thus i moved behind

safety instruction

they offer buy on bought menu

on finals to DMK


empty terminal, this airport is only partly used currently, but there are plans for its full utilization to complement Suvarnabhumi

our plane after disembarkation

overall it was a pleasant flight with Thai Lion Air and i wont hesitate to fly them again, the fares are cheap, cabin crews are friendly and landing at DMK, eventhough not as flashy as Suvarnabhumi proves to be convenient as it has simple layout whereby you can easily be out to the landside within 10 minutes from disembarking, due to low traffic here.

Cheers and happy new year 2014.


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  2. Thai Lion is the worst low cost airliner I have ever dealt with.
    People out there who are contemplating flying with this airline please read on.... it is important that you don't get mislead by all their lousy hype and advertisements.

    Thai Lion have promised a full refund for a double booking made within 30 days and they have not kept to their promise todate i.e. after 3 months.

    They have just cancelled my flight bookings for 34 pax ( a company team building/holiday) from KL to BKK scheduled on 1st May and rebooked it on the 2nd May without giving any proper explainations and compensation.... which is now leading to the disruption of all plans and schedules puls hotel bookings made.

    Please note that these tickets were booked and paid online 28th November 2013 just as Thai Lion were about to commence business. I was excited then thinking that it would be giving Air Asia a good competition and a good run for their money. Alas, Thai Lion is no where up to mark...

    It has caused a lot of anguish and inconvenience and I am now in the midst of cracking my head as to how to reorganise or perhaps get my money back.

    These monies may not even be forth coming as the earlier refund is not even paid to me .

    Please note I am not a travel agency but just an individual customer organising a company trip for all my staff and colleagues.

    For those of you who may need more evidence and perhaps you think I am kidding here are my original bookings PNR reference:

    1. QAJPDX
    2. EDUAKM
    3. EASOQI
    5. JDXWJR

    Promised Refund which is unpaid booking Ref:

    I will be sharing this on my facebook with my friends so that none of them will have to go through this lousy expereince with such an unprofessional airliner.

    1. so are you still going on may 2nd or not? because i booked flight to bkk too and my flight schedule got change 2 days later from the original date..