Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Halal Seafood Stop-Bangsaen Beach, Chonburi- Thailand

First and foremost happy new year to all of you! Wish the new year will bring more happiness, good luck and love...

I had a wonderful time enjoying my new year's holiday with my love T and my friend in Bangkok. In fact i was there for the longest time to date which was 8 days in total.

I spent the most part of the week with T before he went back to Isan to celebrate the new year with his family. New year is much celebrated by the Bangkokians or the Thai people in general whereby they would have the longest public holiday during this time of the year and most of the  Bangkokians would fled out of the city to their hometowns.

As i had a long time to spend with T, we ventured out of the city to the outside province and this time we decided to visit Chonburi province, located around 90km from Bangkok. There are many tourist attractions which can be found here but most are not well known to outsiders compared to other travel magnets of Pattaya or Ayutthaya. One of the notable must see place in Chonburi is Bangsaen beach.

In contrast to Pattaya which is flocked by foreigners, Bangsaen is more popular with the local people, thus you may not see many bars or even bikini clad female on the beach. It is said that the beach will be crowded during the weekends and luckily for us we went there during weekdays, so the beach was quite deserted and quite.

Looking for halal food here was a non issue as there are many halal stalls among the line up of stalls along the beach side for you to choose from. You may order the food and eat at the beach chairs, chargeable at THB30 or you may just eat at the table set up by the stall owners themselves, which is free.

A roundabout welcoming you to Bangsaen Beach

endless line of foodstalls with fresh seafood on offer

you may seat at the beach chair but take note of the charge of THB30

we ordered a seafood tomyam...

the menu.....

and a stir fried crab meat.......

price was on the high side but the seafood was really fresh. Portion was adequate for sharing as well.

T did not enjoy it as much and he grumpily complained that the food was expensive and not delicious. as for me i think they were on the okay side..i just kept quite as sometimes i love to see him complaint about things as he looks boyishly cute doing it :)

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