Saturday, December 17, 2011

Food Review: Jombali Restaurant

Jombali is one of the latest franchised restaurant which made its appearance in the Malaysian restaurants scene and touted to offer Malaysian favourite cuisines (local and Western alike) with the freshest ingredients. According to their website here, currently they already have 5 outlets across Klang Valley and yesterday i had the chance to visit their outlet in Tesco Mutiara Damansara and sampled its food offerings.


as you can see from the above menu, the foods offerings here are quite extensive and affordably priced.Needless to note the portions of foods served here are quite big as well and sharing is recommended for those with small appetite.

They have also highlighted their "must tries" dishes such as Nasi Kebuli Supreme and Braised King Prawn Mee as your guide in selecting the dishes.

The beverages selections are equally extensive and looks colourful and tantalizing making it harder to decide on which to try.

My friend ordered the Nasi Kabuli Supreme. This fragrant rice is marinated with varieties of spices giving it a wonderful aroma and pack with flavours. It is served with sides of quarter spiced fried chicken, egg sambal, cucumber pickles and crackers.

I had a good taste of this dish and i must say that it is a must try dish if ever you come to Jombali. The rice is perfectly cooked and fluffy. It tasted quite similar to Nasi Minyak that is usually served in Malay weddings, but it has more spices to it. The fried chicken is very tender in the inside with a bit of crisp from its skin left intact to it. The sambal, pickle and the crackers synchronized well as the side dishes making it a one wholesome dish, and giving its portion, can easily be shared by 2 people.

I ordered the 3 layered coffee. I believe this drink is a mixture coffee with palm sugar and evaporated milk. It is not too sweet, just the way i like it.

For my dish, i ordered the Kantonis Fried Sang Mee. This dish is a typical Chinese style broth-based noodle whereby all the ingredients will be swimming in thick broth of chicken stock. The noodle used here is kweytiew or thick white rice noodle. It is richly mixed with slices of chicken, fish cakes, fresh prawns and vegetables. The broth is heavily dominated with ginger taste as they used lots of ginger in the same. For me this dish is just moderate in taste, and nothing spectacular.However, i really can give them credit for using very fresh and plump shrimps in this dish as i could really taste the sweetness of the prawns and the other ingredients similarly. The only gripe i had was at first this dish was served with the egg which was used to thicken up the broth was not cooked well making it too watery for my liking. I requested the same to be re-cooked and it was returned perfectly well done afterward.

With its offerings, Jombali can really compete with the other established restaurants in Malaysia provided they maintain the current price range of their dishes and most importantly the quality of foods and ingredients. A must try restaurant indeed.

Ratings out of 5: 3

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