Friday, August 1, 2014

Food Review-Old Town White Coffee Grand-Ipoh

Ipoh has been associated as the place where white coffee was originated and its also the birthplace of one of the iconic white coffee franchise chain in Malaysia, Old Town White Coffee. I can give them credit for their brilliant business plans and ideas in expanding their market not only in Malaysia but also in other parts of Asia and Australia and by having continuous innovation in their products such as introducing new menus and opening new outlets. One of the new concept that they have introduced and ive known recently is with the opening of Old Town White Coffee Grand, a kind of more upscale outlet which not only provides more premium experience and atmosphere but also menus which are not made available in other types of outlets.

As per their website, i can confirm that there is only one such outlet currently available which is in Ipoh and i cant be sure of its distinction or similarities with their "signature" outlets.

The Old Town White Coffee Grand outlet is located at 2 Hala Datuk 5, Ipoh, Perak, and it is in the same building with the M Boutique Hotel Ipoh.

The first thing that you will notice at the entrance is that the majestic and grand wooden double door similar to what you'll find in 5 stars hotel adorned the entrance to this eatery and the best part of it is the staffs are stationed to open them for you.

overlooking the entrance

You can really feel the effort made to ensure the design and the furnishings in this outlet will exude the feel of luxury, from its ornate tiling, the beautiful chandelier, the furnitures and how the outlet had been ornately designed with fine accessories.

 wash basin at the restroom

the accessory shop at the M Boutique Hotel which is accessible from the cafe

The floor design is of split level with 2 separate dining areas with the one situated at the lower level near the entrance having comfortable 2 seaters and round dining tables for 4-5 people for more privacy for couples and the one at the upper level are more suitable for families and large group dining. They also have tables laid outside for those who prefer alfresco dining.

In line with the concept of upscale dining experience, the menu itself was nicely bound in nice leather cover.

And as expected, myriads of tantalizing dishes and beverages to choose from...

As ive just had a filling lunch earlier and its too early for dinner, i ordered something light from the menu which was the Sardine Paratha and Iced White Coffee.

No different in taste for the Iced White Coffee served here with other outlets but i believe the paratha is not offered in other outlet. For the price of this dish i can say that it is affordable and filling with generous amount of paratha served which is suitable for sharing.Its also an ingenious way of eating paratha with the paratha being made as a wrap in substitute for the usual flat bread.

Since my first visit, ive never failed to drop by this place each time im in Ipoh as it offers a relaxing and a different dining atmosphere. I also like the fact that they have arranged the seating in a way so as to make the place feels private but not secluded. In addition, the staffs were friendly and attentive and with high speed wifi connection, this place will surely be my go-to place in Ipoh. Cheers-Kay 2014

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