Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fahana Italian Restaurant-Halal Western Food-Bangkok

I have to admit that despite the fact that being in Bangkok you have to savour all the authentic Thai dishes available there, sometimes it could be an overkill to eat those foods on daily basis and you do need a different taste to your palate. 

As ive always mentioned in my blog, its not hard to find halal foods in Bangkok and in Thailand generally due to the sporadic nature of the Muslims communities in Thailand, you just need to know where to go as what we've found in Rayong of Chillie Chalies Steakhouse in Rayong in my entry here Halal Food in Rayong

As for Bangkok, recently ive managed to visit one restaurant specializing in serving halal western styled dishes, Fahana Italian Restaurant. Though it is named as "italian restaurant" but the foods served here are not limited to pizzas and spaghetti but also includes steaks, salads and other varieties of choices to suit your palate. 

This restaurant is located at New Rama Road 9 with details of the location can be referred here:

The Menu

what i ordered:

Ice Lemon Tea, a little bit on the sour side

Black Pepper Steak, nothing to shout about really but the meat was tender, i was hoping that the cream sauce would have more "kick" in it. Also the portion was on a smaller side and the sides are really basic, without even a piece of bun, which would have helped this dish being a more filling dish.

Compare to the steak that ive tasted in Rayong, this was nothing short of it and due to the price being on a high side, was quite a disappointment. Anyway, dont be put off by my comment and i recommend to give this place a visit and taste their vast arrays of dishes offered as can be seen in their menu.They also serves ostrich meat, which is quite exotic and suitable to those who are more adventurous. Maybe i should give  Sinthorn's steak a try next time and compare the two.


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