Monday, August 27, 2012

Kahjak Restaurant-Chatuchak Market-Bangkok

Obviously Chatuchak is a weekend market-meaning it's open only on Saturdays and Sundays. Regardless, some stalls/shops do open on Fridays as well, albeit in a very limited numbers, and that was what i learned during my recent visit to Chatuchak-on Friday. Eventhough i was disappointed that my favourite stall selling shirts as well as one wonderful muslim food stall, named Saman Islam were closed, i did encounter something which i had never realized before, there was another small muslim food stall in Chatuchak, tucked away in a small corner, located nearby to the clock tower, and the stall name is Kahjak Restaurant.

It is fairly easy to locate this stall. From the clock tower, you have to find Saman Islam, which is ideally located at one of the angle of the clock tower. Once you have identified your direction, walk along the shop rows leading outward from Saman Islam and make sure you observed your left side and be aware of any alley ways leading inside area of the market, and you'll surely see this stall, at the entrance of the alley.

i heard the shop keepers spoke in Malay language and later was informed by the waiter that they came from Pattani.

This stall served local thai dishes as well as some western and Malay dishes as well, it's a mix of cultural tastes here, but medial in choices.

i ordered Seafood Fried Rice and Prawn Tom Yam.

as with other foods in Thailand-you will not be disappointed with the taste of the foods served here. The Tom Yam was mildly spicy and may not be sour enough, but still delicious as you can taste the freshness of the ingredients used especially the prawns.

The fried rice was a simple yet delicious dish and they included generous cuts of cuttlefish and prawns in it. It was also not salty, as most fried rice ive eaten before.

Another thing that i love about this stall is that the small space does not restrict the owner from decorating it with wonderful design from the checkered table-cloth, to the colourful wall decorations and pictures. I also noted that the tables here were actually being customized from old sewing machines. Even the small chairs used here seems rustic and artistic.

next time you are in Chatuchak Market, be sure not to miss the chance to visit this wonderful stall, not only to savour the foods served here, but the admire the creative artistic design of this stall.cheers...kay2012

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