Monday, July 9, 2012

Taste of Thai in the Heart of Amsterdam-Royal Thai Restaurant

Honestly speaking, ive never eaten so much cheeses in my life then during my recent Istanbul-Amsterdam-Athens trip. I ate cheese for breakfast-lunch-dinner and literally "cheesed-up" by the 3rd day of my vacation!

Luckily, during our walk around in Amsterdam, we came across this wonderful Thai restaurant, centrally located in Lange Leidsedwarsstraat shopping area-to fulfill our craving for some spicy food.

and we ordered..

Seafood Fried Rice...the portion is big...can be shared. The rice is quite salty..but they were really generous on the shrimps.

Seafood Padthai...

and..Shrimp Tom Yam...

all the foods above were delicious. Our only gripe was that the spiciness had been toned down to cater for the European palate..thus it was not as spicy as we liked it to be. In anyway that you have a craving for some spicy Thai dishes when you are in give this restaurant a try-cheers-Kay2012

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