Sunday, June 17, 2012

Food Review-Cosy Place Restaurant-Wangsa Maju-Kuala Lumpur

Finally i got to taste new foods in a new place. This restaurant is not really new as i believe it has been opened for few years now, it's just that i didnt make any effort to try it previously. It is located in a shop row behind  the NZ restaurant, the one opposite Carrefour Wangsa Maju.

Let's look at the menu....

and we ordered...

Sizzling Taufu With Crab Meat- this can be eaten with with rice but we made it our starter. Im grateful that we did actually taste the crab and also the crab meat in this dish as most restaurant tend to be stingy on crab-as they are expensive.

Spaghetti Bolognaise-Quite a big portion and can be shared. They are also generous on the sauce and the beef and the sauce is not watery thus it "cling" nicely to every strand of the pasta.


Sizzling Yee Mee-Also another generous portion and can be shared. Dont be deceived by its dark-laden with soy sauce-look as it was not salty at all. I also love the fact that they put in lots of mushrooms in it...mushrooms are my favourite!

Half-Grilled Chicken with Mash Potato-this is a "massive" portion and SHOULD be shared. Although it took quite sometime for this dish to be served but it was well worth the wait. The chicken is tender and cooked thorugh. However i do really hope they have more charred-grilled parts on it expecially the skin as i love some crispy bit in my food. It was served with barbeque sauce which was also nice. Only the lacking part was the salad..they used chinese cabbage here, which i thought was a totally cheapskate alternative to normal salad.

Char Grilled Beef Burger-good to be shared as well. In this you'll find a nice slab of beef patty, topped with slice of cheese,fried egg and beef bacon, salad drizzled with mayo and mustard and a bowl of fries. A wholesome and hearty meal indeed.

When we came around 6pm we were the first customer in the restaurant but later the restaurant started to be filled up with mostly families and couples. I believe it is well known that its good to bring along a companion if you want to eat here as the food portions are best be shared.

some shots of the restaurant design and deco..........

Will i return to this place?Surely as i believe they have an extensive arrays of foods on offer and it serves both the Western and local/Asian cuisine. The pricing is also affordable and with good portion. Service can be improved as we realized most of the servants were just standing near the bar/kitchen most of the time and waiting to clear tables, rather than walking around and asking the diners whether they need anything else, the thing that they ought to do.Kay2012

Rating out of 5: 2.5

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