Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Blessed Ramadhan To All..............

tomorrow marks the first day of the holy month of Ramadhan, or the fasting month for Muslims. It's considered as the month whereby Muslims are abstained from drinking, eating and conducting all other  prohibited acts which would nullify their fasting.

most importantly, the morale behind this act of fasting is for Muslims to ponder and put themselves at the similar position and condition of those left without food and water and those who are suffering due to poverty or less fortunate life. It teaches us that all human beings are equal and remind us all of the main reason for our existence in this world is to be the caliph/ or vicegerent to safeguard the well being of the earth.

even at the time of typing this, and as per the previous years, i feel the unusual sense of calmness of the atmosphere seeping through the night air as if welcoming the awaited arrival of Ramadhan.

Im hoping that this month of Ramadhan will bring greater happiness, calmness and blessings to me, my family and friends and the world at large as it's arrival is highly awaited and once its ends, it will surely be missed. Kay2011

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