Monday, February 7, 2011

Kepong Metropolitan Lake Garden-Taman Tasik Metropolitan Kepong-"The Garden With Thousand Kites"

Situated at the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur,merely 15 minutes drive from city centre, and located at the Kepong area by the roadside of KL's Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR 2) is a lake garden (or can be more suitably referred to as a park) most famous with one thing-kites...and lots of them which come in many colorful varieties, patterns, shapes and sizes. Welcome to Taman Tasik Metropolitan Kepong. This park is frequented by families spending their weekends while watching the sky filled up by colorful kites flying freely following the trails of winds.Ive been wanting to visit this park since ages and today my dream came true......

Not to worry if you dont have your own kite, many are on sale here at the car park area and the price ranges from RM 5- RM 8 according to shape and sizes.Each will come equipped with normal strings but if you prefer stronger and longer strings, those can also be bought from the kite sellers.

The park is also suitable for recreational activities such as jogging, skate boarding or having friendly match of badminton as spaces are a plenty. This place is kept in order and well maintained. For those with young children,do get them occupied with the amenities at the play area.

I was there around 4pm in the evening where the crowds had started to build up. It was a very hot Saturday and there was not much wind..anyway few "kiters" had started to fly their kite at the open area of the park.

Noticing that not much crowd at that moment and knowing that we have to wait sometime for more people to come and fly their kites, we took a leisurely stroll around the park and stopped by a ukulele group displaying their collections and performing with the instruments.

we were informed that they offer training classes for those interested to play this instrument  at a fee. Those ukuleles are so cute..however i do prefer the sound of guitar though...

 as we were about the leave the park...around 5 pm..the sky suddenly filled up with these colourful all its glory...some produced buzzing sound similar to the sound of bees...

if only i got better camera and have stayed right under those flying kites...i could have better pictures to show..regardless, seeing those kites flying freely and gracefully in the sky gives you the feeling of freedom and joy as they coloured up the bland skies.

next time i want to try out my kiting skills..who knows..maybe i will end up liking it? -Kay 2011

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